The Not-So-Quarantined Quarantine

Trying to keep busy while still unsure of when or if I am still moving to Saudi


I keep looking at my phone for new notifications. I keep waiting for the email from Mumaris to tell me my Prometric exam score. Did I pass? Everytime I get a notification of a new email, I quickly open the app and then am quickly disappointed to find out it is news from Medscape orContinue reading “Impatient”

The Medical Exam

Part of the visa application for a nursing job in Saudi requires a physical by a doctor and lab work. A lot of lab work. And a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately I did not read everything through before going to the doctor. I read a lot of it, so I knew to request a medicalContinue reading “The Medical Exam”

Prometric Exam: harder than I thought

Now maybe this test would not be so bad to someone who has a background with adult nursing. Maybe another nurse with 18 years neonatal training would breeze through the questions. Or even an inexperienced nurse who recently passed her or his NCLEX and has all that information from school and studying still fresh inContinue reading “Prometric Exam: harder than I thought”

Annual Job Performance Evaluation

On Monday, I received my yearly evaluation from my boss. Right before she called me into her office, I was scavenging boxes from the supply guy. Some of the boxes used to ship syringes are very sturdy and small enough to pack books without being too heavy to lift. I get excited when I canContinue reading “Annual Job Performance Evaluation”

Feeling accomplished

Spent a lot of time today on paperwork for my nursing license. I did it while at work and in between patients and felt a little bit guilty about that. But a lot of papers were signed and emailed. My college transcripts are on their way to my agency. The forms about how much onlineContinue reading “Feeling accomplished”

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