The Medical Exam

Part of the visa application for a nursing job in Saudi requires a physical by a doctor and lab work. A lot of lab work. And a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately I did not read everything through before going to the doctor. I read a lot of it, so I knew to request a medicalContinue reading “The Medical Exam”

Prometric Exam: harder than I thought

Now maybe this test would not be so bad to someone who has a background with adult nursing. Maybe another nurse with 18 years neonatal training would breeze through the questions. Or even an inexperienced nurse who recently passed her or his NCLEX and has all that information from school and studying still fresh inContinue reading “Prometric Exam: harder than I thought”

Requested my reference!

Today I finally sent an email to my assistant manager asking for a reference. I told her I am applying to a local agency and the agency is requesting for a reference to go along with my applications. I did not say where jobs will be nor who is the agency. I have not seenContinue reading “Requested my reference!”

Job Offer

I got a job offer! Yea! Now the procedure of references, criminal background check, nursing license and visa begins. Let me back up. First, hello there and welcome to my blog. Maybe you found it by doing what I have been doing lately: searching for expat blogs. And while I am currently not living inContinue reading “Job Offer”

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