My final physical…hopefully!

Finally, I have been able to see specialists for my “medical conditions”: scoliosis and pectus excavatum. I am hoping that the letters and results from these two specialists will be enough for the hospital in Saudi to approve my work visa. Then, the agency will send in my visa application to the Saudi embassy inContinue reading “My final physical…hopefully!”

The Not-So-Quarantined Quarantine

Trying to keep busy while still unsure of when or if I am still moving to Saudi

In limbo

Sitting around and waiting. Waiting and waiting more. This journey to getting a nursing job in Saudi Arabia is taking a lot longer than I expected, and now even longer due to COVID19. I feel like I am waiting in between two worlds. I am in an intermediate state between the United States and theContinue reading “In limbo”

Saudi Closed Their Borders

On Monday, I was waiting to hear back from my agency about whether the hospital approved my medical files or not. Last week, they emailed me saying the hospital needed a letter from my doctor stating that two conditions on my chest xray needed clarification. One, I have pectus evacatum. A small indentation in myContinue reading “Saudi Closed Their Borders”

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