About me

I am an American Nurse hoping to work in a hospital in Saudi Arabia for at least one year.

This blog is dedicate to my trials and issues becoming an expat nurse in Saudi Arabia. I want to journal about the process to allow other nurses, that might be considering the same thing, understand and share the experience.

My Loves

I love NICU!

I have been a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse for almost two decades. I love what I do and will discuss some of what I do in this blog, (without discussing my patients.)

I also love…

Other hobbies or interests: books, scuba diving, photography, hiking, and learning languages. These are probably the most common similarities among travel bloggers. Thank you for reading and joining me on this quest.

I love Travel!

I also love to travel! I got my first passport in 2004. Like most Americans, I began with travels to Europe. Since then, I have been to every continent except Antarctica. (It is on my wish list though!) I have been to EVERY state in the USA. Working 12-hour shifts as a nurse in the United States is great for travel addicts because I can schedule my shifts so that I can take 8 days off of work without using vacation time. I have used this flexibility to travel to a lot of places in between days of work. I also spent nine years as a travel nurse around the USA, so I took off weeks or months in between contracts to travel the world.

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