No Saudi Summer this year

The ban on flights into Saudi Arabia will continue until September according to my agency. I am still waiting on my visa, which should arrive this week, but I am not in a rush since I need to arrive in the country within 90 days of the visa being issued.

This gives me a few more months to prepare. I hope to finish a French lesson book. Also hopefully I can finish a few other books I thought of packing. I can get in hiking and biking, and other activities that do not cost a penny but help me use calories. I can save up the pay I am getting and spend less since I am avoiding crowds.

I am so disappointed in the way the United States is responding to the COVID pandemic. Too many Americans are not taking it seriously and gave up safety precautions. The rates are increasing in a lot of areas and states. Customers are spitting on employees that ask them to wear masks. I want to jump this ship before it sinks! But I will have to endure it for at least two and a half months.

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