Not so quick…

As I was mentally writing up my resignation letter, my agency told me NOT to resign until I get my visa.

The next steps: they will send my medical results to the hospital in Saudi for review. While they review my medical file, my agency will prepare my work visa application. I need to FedEx all the original visa documents, photos, police clearance letter, embassy medical forms (in triplicate), hospital medical forms, medical labs and medical results. I had to send my agency all my lab reports in addition to the forms for the medical file. Then I need to send my passport to another agency because my agency is in Canada and the Saudi Embassy requires the applications be submitted from in the USA for American citizens. I need to make sure my passport has two blank visa pages that are side by side.

I have to pick up the medical forms on my next day off work, which is Saturday. Thankfully they are open in the morning. Then find a FedEx location and send all the forms to Canada. Then I am back to just waiting. And since I still need to give 4 weeks notice AFTER I receive my visa, I do not think I will be moving to Jeddah until the end of April or early May. I am okay with that. It gives me more time of earning good money here while not paying rent. Still not sure where I will be staying. I have considered camping if the weather is nice enough.

I am organizing my accounts and money now. I will not be able to open a bank account in Saudi for about three months. So I am trying to save enough money to cover what I will owe to different account here at home. I am putting away money for my car payment and insurance, and my mom will take care of my car while gone. My loan will be paid off by December. I am putting money into an account to cover my storage. And money to cover at least the minimum payment for my credit cards for the three months. I called to cancel my internet at the end of the month. I will cancel my cell phone when I leave. On March first I paid my last rent check and hoping I will receive my security deposit back when I move out. They longer I stay here at my current job, the more I have the opportunity to work overtime with time-and-half pay. (In Saudi, the OT does not seem worth it.)

So slowly getting there. Hope this blog help other nurses see the long process this takes to better prepare themselves.

Thanks for reading!

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