I passed

OMG! I passed!

My agency emailed earlier that the results were still not posted. Then like an hour later, they were posted! My agency emailed me right away. I am at work and a bit shocked. First, I was not sure I would have passed. They send a letter letting me know I passed and another letter with my scores in each area. I excelled in the maternal-child section! (Of course, I am an experienced NICU nurse.) Didn’t do so great in surgical area so good thing I do not work in the OR. There goes my Grey’s Anatomy career! Second, I thought results would not be posted for another week or two.

I am waiting to hear back from my agency as to what the next steps are. I asked to start after April 9 so I can give my manager my resignation on Friday with 4 weeks notice. I need to pick up a few more medical forms from my doctor. Even though the directions asked for the medical form in triplicate and each page stamped, they thought I could photocopy it..I had to return with two more forms to be completed and stamped. Also, the lab did not draw my CBC on my first visit, so I had to return for that. So a total of 10 vials of blood! I have to FedEx all forms to my agency for them to send to the Saudi embassy in Washington DC for my visa.

The countdown has begun! This is getting so real! I really need to figure out my packing and what to leave behind. I already received the abaya I ordered. Not sure how often I will have to wear it. I need to reach out to other expat nurses in Saudi to ask for packing advice. I already planning on three checked bags and one carryon.

I want to check my blood pressure cause this does not feel real. Also, being at work when I get this news sort of sucks cause I want to scream and share it, but also do not want to tell anyone. I will wait until after I give my official notice before sharing that I am leaving.

So much to do in the next month!

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