I keep looking at my phone for new notifications. I keep waiting for the email from Mumaris to tell me my Prometric exam score. Did I pass? Everytime I get a notification of a new email, I quickly open the app and then am quickly disappointed to find out it is news from Medscape or American Nursing Association. I have past the two week mark since my test and even though they said it will take two to six weeks, my agency made it seem like I will find out before March. But based on what other nurses have told me, I most likely have another two weeks to wait.

My physical was done last week and went well. It was my first time having an EKG done. (Only applicants over the age of 40 need one.) I also had to get a chest xray, which I last had done when I started my job due to a past positive PPD test. The doctor was lovely and I really liked that she did not flinch when I told her this exam was for a job in Saudi. (It was not the Muslim doctor I originally scheduled with due to me getting lost the day I was to see her and this was a last minute reschedule.) But this doctor went through all of the papers very thoroughly and said she wanted to make sure she did not miss anything that would delay me. I also got a TDAP shot because I want to make sure all of my immunizations are up-to-date before I live overseas and travel as much as I hope to.

I had to go to the hospital for my labs to be drawn. It is something with the insurance that hospital provides that they must draw all employee labs unless we are insured elsewhere. I was so hungry because I was fasting for the labs. It was after 12pm by the time I was called for the lab draw. So I was fasting for about 14 hours at this point. And they took 9 vials of blood! NINE! I asked her how much was in each and she couldn’t tell me, but it seemed like 2ml each. (I only draw labs from babies and usually 0.6ml is the most in one vial, so these vials looked huge to me!) Then I had to wait for the chest xray. It was after 12:30 pm when I was able to get a smoothie from the cafeteria. I took my mom out for lunch afterwards.

And now I have to return for more labs! The hospital forgot to draw my CBC. I am gonna pick up donuts for the doctor’s office because I feel bad that it is so much paperwork they must fill out. I doubt they have to do that much paperwork on one patient usually. I also have to see my eye doctor today for her to sign off that I do not have glaucoma. Hoping she can fax the results to the doctor that did my physical to have her just add that, sign, and then I will get those papers sent to my agency.

Then just continue waiting for the exam results. It is like watching grass grow. Staring at my phone for a notification is not gonna make the results come in faster.

In other news, I moved most of my home to storage last weekend. I have clothes and a few kitchen things still that I will add to the storage unit and the end of March. Everything else in my apartment will be sold or donated.

My ex-boyfriend helped me with the move. That created a whole bunch of strange feelings. He helped me move everything into the Uhaul, then he drove it the three hours to the storage unit. (I wanted a unit near my mom in case I need her to access it while I am away and her house will become my legal address while I am gone.) My ex has asked if I know a date when I am leaving, but doesn’t say much else. I asked him if he will drive me to the airport if I leave on a weekend, and he hesitantly said yes. Maybe he helped me to make sure I am leaving? Or maybe just because he is a really nice guy?

We got a room in a bed and breakfast, but he did not touch me. No hug. No kiss. Feels like I am preparing for life in Saudi where men and women do not show affection. Or he does not feel any affection for me. We drove back to my place the next day. I made us dinner while we watched TV. When he was leaving, we hugged tight. Then I had to pull away as the tears started. I wanted to ask him “what is happening? What is going on?” Are we going to try a long distance relationship or is this just a friendship? But he avoids discussions and I am scared that I will ruin what little time we have together if I force him to talk about it.

It feels strange to have such a empty home now. It makes the relocation feel more real. I have so much to still do in one month! And still do not have a date of when I am starting in Saudi.

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