Prometric Exam: harder than I thought

Now maybe this test would not be so bad to someone who has a background with adult nursing. Maybe another nurse with 18 years neonatal training would breeze through the questions. Or even an inexperienced nurse who recently passed her or his NCLEX and has all that information from school and studying still fresh in the mind. But I have not studied adult nursing since 2002 when I took my RN-NCLEX. I have only worked in NICUs my whole career. So not sure if I passed my Prometric exam for the Saudi nursing license.

I am extremely stressed out right now. I was allowed one 15 minute break after 75 questions. I used it to go to the restroom to cry. While I felt the second half was a bit easier because it had more pediatric, neonatal and maternal questions, I am still not sure how I did. I used a NCLEX practice app and did a few practice tests the past few days but did not feel they helped.

There is nothing I can do now. At first, I got to my car and started looking up questionable answers I gave. Then I realized it is useless now. It will take 2 to 6 weeks for the results. I have two more chances to repeat the test, and I do think I will need to do so. So as a destressor, I am gonna go to the cinema and catch a film. I keep trying to tell myself that it is no big deal. I will always be able to continue working in the USA.

I thought stress was gonna be relieved once I took the test but I feel it is actually higher now and will remain so until I receive my results. I feel I need to hold off on learning Arabic because I might not be moving to Saudi. Hold off my packing because I do not know if I will be packing to move overseas or packing to move around the USA.

I would discuss the questions I had trouble with except they have you sign a thing that you will not record or share any of the information from the test with anyone, including online. The place was very thorough with checking for recording devices or cheating! They wanted me down before going in and after my break to check for metal or hidden recording devices. They make you pull your pants up to your ankle and pull your sleeves up as high as they go, to check for hidden answers. I had a hooded sweatshirt on which they made me turn hood inside out so I was not hiding anything. I had on stretch workout pants that have small pockets and they made me reach in them, even though the pants are so tight you could easily see if I had anything in there. I was not even allowed to wear my watch. The email they send out for preparation says you are only allowed wedding and engagement rings, no other jewelry. They inspect hair accessories and might forbid you from wearing them. They check eyeglasses for hidden cameras! That is some CIA stuff! They have lockers to place your belongings in.

150 questions over 3 hours. Now 6 weeks of waiting….

2 thoughts on “Prometric Exam: harder than I thought

  1. Wow, I didn’t also realise until now that all foreign staff have to complete the prometric exam. This makes me nervous seeing as I am a paediatric nurse and we don’t study the other branches of nursing in our training. Got everything crossed for you.

    1. The agency told me other nurses said it was easy and no one has failed it (yet.) I have not studied those topics since I graduated in 2002 and took my NCLEX. So really not sure how I did. Thanks for the well-wishes!

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