The Waiting Game

This waiting and waiting really tests one’s patience. I was speaking with a nurse in Saudi with whom my agency put me in contact. She said it took a month for her to get the testing number to take the Prometric exam and then another month for them to post the exam results. So I am looking at another two month wait. I am not sure if I need the test results before applying for the visa or not. But it seems like each step adds another month to my wait.

I first received the email from my agency telling me about the job opening in June 2019. The email warned me the process could take four months, but it has now been seven months! And I still do not know if I will earn a visa or when I will start the move. I want to have a countdown of when I am leaving my job but I do not know when. I keep getting emails and phone call from travel nursing agencies asking if I want to apply for a contract in the USA, which is my backup plan if I do not get a visa. All autumn, I told the recruiters to contact me again in January, and now I am telling them March. It is frustrating having such a unknown future. (Then again, is any future exactly known?) I just wish I could make some sort of plans of where I will be living and working in the next few months.

Originally, I was gonna wait until I got my visa to order a guide of Saudi. But I found a gift card for Barnes & Noble while packing the other day that someone gave me for either my birthday or my graduation last May. I wanted to use it before I lost it. So I ordered the Lonely Planet Oman, UAE and Arabian Peninsula book. I will now have a few months to read up about what to see and do in Saudi, in addition to the other novels I bought about life in the kingdom. (I will make another entry about those books.) If I don’t get the visa, maybe I can at least visit the area within the next year.

So I will continue to wait and read books and research blogs and pack away my home. I am glad I started this blog to capture the length of this process and to remind me of the journey I am going through to start this adventure.

If you are an expat, how grueling was the visa paperwork to get to work in your chosen country? If you are in Saudi, how long did the paperwork process take?

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