Bonus and Steps

Last week I received an email from my agency with some good news: the hospital is now offering a sign-on bonus! I started calculating right away which credit card debts that will pay off. I think it is paid out over time and the payments do not start until after my first three month probation period. But it was a nice extra! (I can not help but wonder if the tensions between the US and Iran have made it harder for them to attract nurses so they are offering this bonus?)

The agency also asked me to send in some more paperwork. I had to sign the job description and patient information forms. These last forms confused me because I was asked to fill them out, I guess as if I was a patient, and I guess so I know what all patients have to fill out. I always find it strange when forms ask for my father’s name and information when he died 15 years ago. I guess it is part of a patriarchal society when I will always been seen as property of my father. I remember filling out similar paperwork in India. But this form asked me my grandfather’s name. I do not remember his middle name. Why does it matter?

Then I had to sign a new job description because the one I signed was originally sent to me in November and the hospital updated it in December. I got all of the final forms sent last Friday. I asked the agency about when I can take the Prometric exam. I was told that they were waiting for Saudi Health Council to approve my university. They have been waiting on that for a month! I was beginning to get worried there was a delay or perhaps chance it would be deny because it was a Catholic University. Maybe they did not like that I took a Catholic Hospitals course?

Then today I receive this email! “Good news, the Saudi Health Council has added your school and program to the list. We have now submitted your application for professional classification. Once reviewed you will be issued an exam number which will allow you to register for the Prometric Nursing exam. Please forward me any emails you may receive from the SHC/MumarisPlus.  Once you have registered for the exam you can proceed with your medical and work visa documents. “

I am going forward! Now I need to cram my free time with studying and prepping for the Prometric exam. Why have I been using my time studying French instead? I would like to take the exam within the next two weeks before I go on vacation. (Headed to Maldives, a trip I planned before I was offered this job.) Then I can go for my physical and start the visa process in February. I might still have a March start date!

I have been a little worry about this delay because I already told my landladies I will move out by March. I will either find friends to stay with or find a room on AirBNB until I leave the USA. I envision February being a month focused on the move and cleaning up tidbits here. I want to make my mom my Power of Attorney and figured I should write a will. Let me banks know I will be out of country for ONE YEAR! I have some books about life in Saudi I want to read before moving. I have been slowly packing up my apartment but that will have to be completed faster in February.

This is such a slow, long process but also an interesting experience, and the whole reason I started this blog.

*few hours later I read an email from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties that says “Kindly note that Professional Classification Service may take up to 30 business days to be completed.” I will not get my number for the Prometric exam until after this is finished. So maybe I will not be taking the test within the next two weeks. The waiting continues….

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