Official Job Offer!

Wow I thought my “job offer” post a few months okay was official, but it was not since it did not include a contract.

My last entry was about the hospital requiring proof of my nursing experience as a travel nurse. I received an letter from RN Network only! Cross Country TravCorp refused and the nasty man I spoke to in Human Resources basically said “too bad” when I told him how much I needed it. My old recruiter from American Mobile was helpful and passed me onto his assistant. The other two companies I worked with no longer exist. But thankfully I tend to save a lot of stuff. And I had almost all my old contracts from my travel nursing days! I was missing a few of the extension contracts when I added on more weeks to a job. I scanned all these contracts (and now need to keep them on my laptop, a external harddrive, and a cloud to keep them for the future.)

It took another two weeks but I finally got the offer with my pay rate and vacation days and rules of the job. My pay will actually be about the same I make currently, but I will have free housing. My plan is to put what I currently pay for rent into a savings account to start saving up for a home eventually.

As far as my boyfriend, we currently ended our relationship. He said he did not know if he ever wanted to commit enough to live together because I travel too much. I told him I chose my passport over a relationship. So maybe if I like my job in Jeddah so much, I can extend now that I have nothing waiting for me in the states.

I was reading about the Saudi bank account and my paychecks and the resident card. That is gonna be a whole new adventure for me. They warned me to have enough money in my bank accounts back home to cover monthly bills until my Saudi bank account it set up. So I am gonna start saving now to have enough money to cover two months of my credit card payments, car payment, and car insurance just in case it takes more than two months to set up the Saudi account. I wonder how much internet will cost me in Saudi?

Have you been through the process of opening a Saudi bank account? Any problems with the resident card? I am going to have to cash my paycheck until I get the account set up. It will be strange to have that much cash on me.

Now I need to wait for the nursing license process to go forward. I was warned it could take two months from when I submitted all my information. So I estimate another month until I can take the test. After only doing NICU nursing for 17 years, I am nervous to take a test about adult nursing.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences. I am a paeds nurse and have fancied Saudi for years but have never had the guts to take the plunge . . . yet 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. If I get the license and visa, i will let you know all about it. I just signed the contract. They said it will take about two months for the licensing process. So maybe by Christmas…

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