Another delay!

I just learned that the hospital in Saudi Arabia does not include time as a travel nurse as work experience when figuring out how much experience for base pay. I worked 9 years as a travel nurse, even though only 7 of that was actually working and the other 2 was traveling for pleasure to other countries.

So I need to call all my travel nursing agencies to ask for letters that state I was a staff nurse, worked full time, and the dates I was contracted. If the agency can list the hospitals I worked at, that would be even better. And if they will not give me a letter, I am to get their contact information for my current agency to contact them.

I almost told the recruiter to cancel the whole thing. The whole application. This is getting so frustrating. While I want the experience and I want the chance to work and travel in the Middle East, I have never had so many problems getting a job in the past! I could just stay in the United States and work as a travel nurse and make a lot more money than Saudi is offering.

And I am leaving behind a wonderful boyfriend for a year. I am unsure when we will see each other because I do not know if we will be able to take vacation time at the same time. This move could damage my relationship, but I have to jump through hoops because the Saudi hospital does not believe my experience? How about fly me over there and ask me to start an IV or suction an ETT or developmental position a 24 week baby or run an istat machine? See my experience rather than deny me pay because they don’t trust my resume.

Has anyone else gone through a lot of problems to get a nursing job in Saudi? Are other fields this difficult to get a job? I still have to take the test for nursing license and then worry about the visa. Is all this worth it?

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