Journaling Chair

Moving abroad is exciting, but I will miss my home. I will miss my large apartment in a quiet suburb. I will miss my queen-size bed with my dark curtains in the middle of the house that allows me to sleep in for hours! I am renting the second floor of a house above a mother and daughter: the daughter is 72 years old. The mother is an avid gardener in her 90s and gives me the most beautiful yard without myself having to do any work. The kitchen is large, and I will miss my afternoons spent cooking lots of healthy meals to be ready for stretches of work when I have no time to cook. Bye bye Ninja blended smoothies for a year.

But one thing I love about my home is the corner of my living room with my journaling chair. It is actually a twin- size futon with a yellow cover over it from IKEA. I bought it second-hand from a friend when he moved out of his home to travel the world. My nephew or niece sleep on it when they visit. During the day, it is a comfortable chair with two pillows that have Buddha prints on them. I bought the pillow cases in Philadelphia, not in an exotic country. I love how the colors of the prints go with the yellow cover of the chair. There is an ottoman in front of the chair that I acquire when someone placed it by the trash chute in an apartment complex I lived in. The cover is actually orange and looks like it is from the 70s, but I threw a blue airplane blanket over it from Egyptian airlines. Having the eye of Horus protect me as I write is soothing.

My Journaling Chair

I love waking up on days I have off work, making coffee, and sitting here in the sunlight. It is relaxing. It is a refreshing way to start my day. It is an inspiriting place to write in my journal my feelings and thoughts. I have lights coming in to my right and from behind. I have plants around to clean the air I breath. I have Buddhist statues and prints and decor to create zen. It is a nice spot for meditation also.

My home is very comfortable. Comfort is what most people strive to achieve. We want comfort in our lives, in our relationships, and in our living spaces. But growth is not comfortable. If we do not challenge the contentedness, we will not move forward. We will not expand our future if we do not test awkwardness. I am thirsty for the thrills of adventure. Of experiences. Of travel.

I can bring my journal with me. I will miss this chair and place. My journeys will test my body and mind, but my journal will bind my thoughts together. I will take a step forward, out of my comfort zone, and into the unknown of living in a foreign land. Thank you for navigating this with me.

If you are working in the Middle East, what do you miss from home? Is there anything you brought with you that you could not leave behind? Did you bring anything that you regret bringing? Or anything that others consider unusual?

Please leave me a comment if you want to share your experiences in the middle east or your process for moving abroad.

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