Feeling accomplished

Spent a lot of time today on paperwork for my nursing license. I did it while at work and in between patients and felt a little bit guilty about that. But a lot of papers were signed and emailed. My college transcripts are on their way to my agency. The forms about how much online learning I received are on their was to Saudi Cultural Mission.

I told my first big lie to my assistant manager. I posted a few days ago about emailing her to ask for a reference. In the email, I typed out the points the reference form was asking for, but did give her the reference form because it has my agency’s name on it. I do not want her to know the agency’s name because then she would realize I plan to move to the middle east. I work with a lot of politically conservative people who think anywhere outside the US is a danger zone, and any job in the Middle East is a suicide mission. She asked me some questions about where is this job. I told her it was with an agency to find me a per diem job (2-3 shifts a month job.) She seemed concerned I was looking for a 2nd full time job and said I can pick up extra time in my unit if it is more money I am seeking. I replied I want to return to working in a Level 3 NICU. I told her I miss micro-preemies. She seemed relieved it was a per diem position and I would still be available for extra shifts here. She wrote me a fabulous reference.

I will miss parts of my current unit, but I need to focus on my career and future. I will lose skills if I continue to work in a Level 2 NICU. Lately, I have been receiving omens that Level 3 is where I need to be. We have a new nurse in training that asked me if I felt I was losing skills. She just met me but it was like she knew me more than the nurses I have been working with for years. Then, I received an email that the National Certification Corporation was adding new sub-specialty certifications exams, including one for “Care of the Extremely Low Birth Weight Neonate”. Those have always been my favorite type of patients and patients I do not get to experience in my current job. I have studied and read a lot about caring for the micro-preemies over the years as a NICU nurse. I feel my knowledge would be better used in a Level 3 NICU. I am gonna register to take the sub-specialty exam.

Today, I felt returning to a Level 3 unit was happening with each form scanned and sent. Now I wait until after the holiday weekend to see what my next steps are.

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