Requested my reference!

Today I finally sent an email to my assistant manager asking for a reference. I told her I am applying to a local agency and the agency is requesting for a reference to go along with my applications. I did not say where jobs will be nor who is the agency. I have not seen her in a few weeks because she is never at work the days of my shifts. She has been taking days off or I have been working weekends. Now I wait for her response…

If she does ask me questions of where and when, I will be honest and tell her I want to get more NICU level 3 experience again. I am worried I will lose skills remaining here. I will tell her I am not sure where yet, which is true because I am not sure if I will get the Saudi license nor visa. If I am not successful in moving to Saudi, I will go for a job travel nursing elsewhere. I plan to remain vague about it to try to avoid the judgment of my coworkers.

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