Paperwork Panic!

I am sitting here filling out paperwork and feeling overwhelmed by the requirement checklist. Let me share some of the paperwork that is necessary to apply for a nursing job in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

1- Hospital application. This includes a 4 page skills checklist and 4 pages of patient case scenarios. It is not a test but an assessment of your nursing background and understanding. They asked several of similar scenarios in the interview but also some harder ones.

2- There was a medical form to fill out. The recruiters warned that if a candidate is taking medications such as antidepressants or anxiety drugs, which seem so prevalent in the United States, they will be turned down.

3- Sign a compliance and non-disclosure form

4- Authorization form for agency to release information

5- Copy of passport and an head shot photo. I guess this photo is for your file, not your acting career.

All this was done before the interview. Now I am trying to work on the next part of paperwork that will be for my nursing license application. I keep procrastinating due to work schedule, finding time for family before summer ends, and being lazy. I need to hop on it to avoid delaying the process. So my next steps are:

6- Obtain official transcripts from the two colleges I went to for nursing. One from where I received my Associates degree and one from where I recently graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

7- Complete a distance learning form to confirm my degree was completed in class and not online. I am worried about this portion because a few of my classes were online. My complete ASN was in person and most of my BSN was in person.

8- Copies of my BSN, ASN, high school diploma, my current nursing license, and my CPR card must be scanned and emailed to the the agency.

9- more authorization forms. These are for the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities, which I think is their licensing board.

10- employment certificates from my hospital. Will HR notify my unit that I am seeking this information and will they tell them where it is being sent to?

11- Document to support my name change. I did not think of this as a problem and now wonder if I put single or divorced on my hospital application. I was married when I was young and divorced while in nursing school. My ASN degree has my married name but I was back to my current last name by the time I got my nursing license. I was only married 4 years and don’t consider myself divorced, but officially I am . I just look back on it as a bad mistake and lesson learned. But now I might need to dig up divorce papers from almost 20 years ago to prove my name change. *sigh*

All this is before I even try to get the visa!

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