Nursing in Saudi Arabia: Welcome to My Blog

Are you interested in nursing in Saudi Arabia? This blog is about the process to obtain a nursing job in Saudi Arabia. Subsequently, this will develop into a blog about my life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Hopefully I will write about working as a nurse in the country and life in the Middle East. I plan to explore the country of Saudi Arabia and the surrounding area. Most importantly, I have been forming my wish list of where to travel over the next year and will include that in my blog.

First, I will say that I am an American woman with almost two decades of nursing experience. I have also traveled extensively around the world. The last few months, I have read a lot of memoirs and blogs to prepare me for this journey. I am excited, curious, and a little bit nervous. To sum up, this should be an adventure of a lifetime!

Please enjoy my stories. Feel free to ask me questions and share comments. Follow and I will try to update this blog about every two weeks.

Saudi blog
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